je suis un bébé requin,
and this is a photo journal of a previous life.
mercredi 25 novembre 2009
First Fly of the Season
I saw the first summer fly last night. it damn well was annoying but i did jump a 'lil inside 'cos i meant summer is pretty much here.. to celebrate, here's an entertaining fly post.

click here for more dets.

In other news, i saw a gorgeous tote bag online by little factory. here.

isn't it amazing.

well, i'm going away for the weekend. i'm sure there's more flies where i am heading.
tata for now. have a lovely weekend.


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dimanche 15 novembre 2009
I hate that you kissed me,
I hate even more that i kissed back.

Bangles and bracelets seem to clutter my room now,
Yet i can't seem to buy enough to please anymore.

The thought won't get out of my head.

For all the times i never turned your way,
You're holding someone elses hand now.

Yet there is another,
Standing in the corner.

Waiting for me to go back to him,

He'll be there forever,
watching from a distance,

One more on my list.

Red hair shining,
a jerk.

The voice of an angel,
always finding reasons to like him.

Yet when push comes to shove,
it is not love.

It is hate.

Running away,
and coming back just as quickly.

why torture me,
all of you.

I will leave this town soon,
daydream believer.

Their names, a list of nothingness.
Lulling over in my head.

Sometimes crashing like the sea,
others as calm as my hand, pen
to paper.



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jeudi 5 novembre 2009
Fire and Ice

izbeenawhile'. short post, be back soon but in the meantime...

right in the middle of exam week, 2 to go, but the weather has been going absolutely crazy. General consensus by Sydney public (well on my observations at least) deems that it is Icecream-and-excessively-short-pants weather one day and maccas-chips-and derro-pants the next.. sorry.. am i using too much slang? Raise your hand if you dont understand me.

anyway, on my excursions throughout the blogging world lately, mostly procrastinating, i came across two things, exqually valid seeing as the weather has been so crazily topsy turvy lately..

numero uno. GARY GARAY

totally in weather for that, and not being able to sit down properly because the chairs are too hot at the moment? Totally in the mood for these... but then all of a sudden...

numero duo. goes by the name LUXIRARE

the weather changes and we're faced with freezing rain and lightening, and i feel like something else on a stick.. a pie perhaps.

i was at uni and a few girls were talking about it and me being a champion eavesdropper, scored the site too, although i lost the URL, and it's taken me 2 days to find it again.. but thank goodness i have, and i can share my world-wide-web wisdom with yall.. visit her, she's an amazing designer.

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