je suis un bébé requin,
and this is a photo journal of a previous life.
lundi 26 octobre 2009
DISCLAIMER:This post maybe un peu procrastination, un peu i-give-up-trying-to-learn-anymore-japanese..

"Sooner or later it all comes crashing down, when everyone's around.

I bet you would've paid up, or you'll cash down.

And not make a sound, Everyone knows now."


Also, i am having mushrooms for dinner tonight with carbonara à la francie.. a first for the fam.. but i hope that it doesn't turn out like this.. gorgeous as it is artwork, I couldnt eat it myself.Click here for more workz..

Clothes ft'd: Paint on Mushroom

*note: No vegetables were harmed in the process of creation

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samedi 24 octobre 2009
an exchange.
"I'll swap you a Japan for a France.."

My sister MJ, has gone to japan for three months on an exchange, the land of delicately created food and crazy-future technology.

in year 10 i went on one myself for 3 months to France, and i've never been the same since.

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vendredi 9 octobre 2009
My Mother's closet.
My mother's closet has a lot of clothes.



My parents were away for the weekend, so i got free run of the house, and more amazingly, marhmee's closet.

I found an absolutely gorgeous skirt, top and scarf...
the outfit outlined..

long scarf.. soon to be beautiful bow.

buttoning details..

The skirt--

it's silk.
it's gorgeous.
it's mine for the weekend.

Unfortunately, the skirt was a size too small, but i really wanted to wear it out, so i turned it into a dress for the weekend.. hoisted it up my chest, and added a pru-ddy belt.
Changed the long top to tuck under the belt, and stripped the scarf to make a belt.. check it.
The new bowed back

dancing around.

I decided that the zip was going down the front, mostly because due to my bust, it wouldn't be able to zip up all the way up anyway. The parts that couldn't be zipped, were just tucked in, and it looked a bit like a real dress. We were in.

Also, I was looking through this fashion blog the other day, and decided that the tuck-in dress thing was totally a thing i could try pull off this thanngg with said dress. link here. the wanderer sure is on top of everything with this fashion thing.

Then, took it out to PARTAY

and we certainly did have fun.

Have a wonderful weekend, shout out what you're gettin' up to. Talk to me, i enjoy chatting to you guys.

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