je suis un bébé requin,
and this is a photo journal of a previous life.
vendredi 22 février 2013
Vieux France

All the people that live in these houses hold such different lives. What it would be, to know each one of them, their stories.

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jeudi 21 février 2013
A field of Love

A field of corn can seem so wide when you're not here next to me. I lay here looking up at the sky, the clouds passing, thinking of you. The summer days create droplets of transpiration here on my face, and i feel each drop first slowly, gradually faster, momentum gaining, fall down my cheeks. I am not sure whether it is from the heat any longer, or a saltiness that appears from the tears in my eyes. All i know is that this camera can capture these moments that i want to keep here, of you and me.

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mercredi 20 février 2013

Has my life come to this? I sit here wondering what i will do until i die.

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mardi 19 février 2013
Lazy Lovers

How can it be that you can love a human so much. You know your own feelings, but you can never know those of another. I look at you and see myself staring straight back. I know that you are close, i feel your warmth, but you keep your distance from me. Will you ever know my affection for you? I lay here next to you, watching you, hearing your breath close to mine. Let's just hold this moment a little longer.

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lundi 18 février 2013
Bright Whites

The simplest errands in summer can turn into a thing of beauty.

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dimanche 17 février 2013
Dijon Locals

If ever going to Dijon, forget about the mustard, simply sitting in the park listening to some jazz and snapping some locals on a sunday afternoon is pure bliss.

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samedi 16 février 2013
Dinner by the Sea


A Glass of wine coupled with Tzatziki on a baguette. Pure Heaven. 

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vendredi 15 février 2013
Un 'tit dejeuner

This summer, I took a two month bike trip around the south of france with one of my best friends. We shared many memories. Starting in Bordeaux, we moved our way towards Pau, Montpellier, and then worked our way over to Nice, where it's nice.

Here, creating sweet delectables. A new era is here, summer has arrived in the form of two goddesses.

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