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samedi 23 mai 2009
Romance Was Born in the Form of beautiful hair
So this coming Saturday [30/05/09] I have my best friend's 21st birthday at the local Senior's Club. [Note: You can tell you're getting old when a friend is holding a birthday at a senior's club.] 
Anyway, the theme is "Bad Hair Ball". I have been wracking my brain for weeks to to think of a good "Cra-zaza-y hairdo.. especially as i am going to have to do a speech and can't look too catastophic. People might gasp aloud! `

So i headed to the trusty internets for clues on what I could do. Fortunately last month, Australian Fashion Week enbraced Sydney Harbour, and the paper and various websites kept me up with photos and reviews galore!

This got me interested in the brand Romance was born. They're a gorgeous brand and they're really me. Their collections are completely bright, colourful and out there. They really were my personal favourites at this year's fashion show, with their Underwater collection. 

Their visionaries Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales were  deemed one of the most spectacular and wacky collecions of fashion week and I completely agree. 

Before I give you insight, it is said that Romance was Born is influenced by Captain Planet and 80's movies. Tell me if you can you see it?

So thinking of ideas for the party this week seems a less difficult task with these guys at hand.

``I love the girl's hair here.. and the use of wool and materials for a 'coral' look on the male moh-dehl.

``The use of make-up to blend in the hair here is GORGEOUS!

``The fake moustaché is a complete hit!

``Seaweed hair and an octopus head? Brilliant.
and even bigger photos for you post-faetus lovers of

``Lobster hair!

``Green-poop-like hair

``I'm not sure about the hair.. cupcakes on my head doesn't really do it for me, but i love the ourfit.. does that count?


``Ohh, the detail in that dress, GIRL!

``Have i ever told you how much i want red hair, ever?

Afterwards, I looked at their previous collections, developing a sort of tangent from my original hair ideas, as i completely loved their detail and colours..

I was not dissappointed.

``This is my favourite. If i can find a crimper and some schweet ass hair spray, i am going to try and do this doo..

``Apples on my head, i love it.

``Less crazy, more beautiful, but still an option

Let's make a toast to Romance was born. May their clothing line one day be available to us mignons of the fashion world, and may they keep delevoping gorgeous outfits.

This is Anna and Luke themselves. Even her own dress sense is gorgeous. ``dayyymm girl *snap snap snap*
Photos of Romancewasborn  found here, here and on their site here.

Afternote: Racing through various images, I came across Vivienne's 09 Autumn/Winter Collection who also seemed to create gorgeous hair designs which i am seriously contemplating. Take a look.

``I love the girls cheering here.

`` Apparently Red is the new black.

Excuse me for the ridiculously long post, but i just wanted to share with everyone how gorgeous these outfits were, and i totes couldn't do it in less photos.

What yo' doin this weekend? Anythin spectacular? Our church is having its 110th or so anniversary, and each year this occurs, we get $16 worth of food for $4. The best, seriously. come dro by cpc surry hillz if you live in sydney! I tells you, totes worth it!!

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mercredi 20 mai 2009
So last night i couldn't get to sleep à cause de I was window-shopping as such on 80's Purple. I've fould some pre-etty gorgeous dresses that i totes have to put on some sort of to-do list (I seem to have continous amounts of to-do lists which never really get finished...) so i can buy them while they're still well.. in existance in some form or another. Not buying a piece of clothing always ends up in the shop going out of stock, and then me having to go on E-bay to try and find that piece again, only to find some too-fashionable teen selling it for triple its price. *Damn you fashionable teen!!*

Anyway, here are my desired pieces of clothing..

Charlotte Ronson
//shiny but not. How deceiving!//

Anzevino & Florence
//I love the tulle-ish material in this dress. It's not quite soft tulle, but it is layered in such a way that i just want to eat it up then and there if i ever saw-saw it..//

//arent these tights just so 80s? And matching them with heelz? excellent.//

Then i did some blog-stalking. I came across this photo on .. well again, i'm sorry.. i lost the blog [help anyone?], but i absolutely loved this outfit of Daisy Lowe. I completely missed the point of the post, something about Daisy, i was mesmerised by this tulle. Then i did some more checkin' out..

I hadn't heard blackascot before, but a fellow blogger led me to her and sure I loved this tulle dress that she'd commented on..

I then came across Vintagebella on Chictopia.. And she made her own DIY Tulle skirt. Dayymmm grrrl.. and she was all up in my face. *snap snap snap*
And so with that, I decided that i needed to bring my ol' CUE skirt out of the closet.
It's defs a favourite of mine, but at the same time, i have this dog, her name is Gwen, and she seems to always jump at me when i have it on.
Unfortunately for you gaiz, by the time i decided it was time to try out my new tripod, I was so nervous to use it.. it was dark.
WOOO! [reference to How-I-Met-Your-Mother.. anyone, anyone?]

Boots: English Dunlop
Jumper: Hand-knitted à la grand mère
Skirt: CUE
Umbrella: Best Friend-taxed.

And lastly.. I was looking around today, and did anyone want some ridiculously outrageous shoes?

Zaha Hadid combined forces with La Coste to come up with these babies. I'm not sure whether i'd wear them myself but...

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mardi 19 mai 2009
Alright, so i'm looking for a blog that i was jus' scrollin' over about a week ago. There was a post about just getting a new tattoo.. it was of a feather on the side of the ribcage. It was a pretty cool blog, but i forgot to save the link in my handy folder of well, links.

Has this ever happened you you? You found a ridiculously good blog and forgotten to save it. Oh well, i guess it will be on my history at home.. or at least, i hope so!

Well.. the reason i'm asking was because in class today, I saw my friend's new tattoo by accident as her shirt fell down (it sounds worse than it is!!), but i was too nerdy to ask "well actually, there was this other girl whose blog i saw that had a feather on her ribcage.. are you her?!"

*sigh* The moment was lost, and i doubt i can ever bring it up again.

Edit: Nope. False alarm. It wasnt here. I guess having a feather on your ribcage is just popular, no? The blog was vintagetea.

My week has been absolutely hectic though!1!1!!!1!!1!

A ridiculous amount of work and assessments, but there is always time to blog.. and muse over serious questions like "what works better.. red or blue with this top?"

ah. but seriously. I was thinking about it. I have so many nice pairs of shoes, but never do i think of what i'm going to wear one day starting with my shoes. It's always either a top.. or skirt/pants.. and then quite sometime afterwards, yes! Shoes. That's what goes on my feet.

I am thinking that tomorrow i will start with my shoes, because sometimes, my shoes never come out of my closet, ever.

And with my obsessions of all things dunks, I was surfin' the site kicksonfire.

Check out these rad kicks. They're a take of all-things-fake, and display phat 'chanel' bling-bling.

Places like diversitile  will customise your kicks, like these transformer kicks beloww..

This pair of dunks are titled Nike Air Yeezy Gay Fish.. mouthful much? They're ridiculously 80's and i think i have found my new darling love, but priced at $1500, and momentarily residing in America, I think i am going to have to pass. 
I KNOW! But you say they're so colourful, and ridiculously epilectic-fit enducing. The best resolution to a fun night out? Another year pet, another year.
and for you gamers out there, there are even x-box kicks. you heard me, xbox. CRAZY! i know.
wait wait wait.. and here's the total selling point.

You can go from this..

to this.. under 5 minutes. Great, huh

But overall, my favourite would have to be these dunks.. created especially for the Nike anniversary last year. My favourite type of shoe. EDIBLE. Nomnomnomn.

Oh well, i guess i started this post on monday.. and it's wednesday now. i should probably click post..

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vendredi 15 mai 2009
Cage Skirts. Go or No Go?
I know, i know. You can rant and rave at me. I'm centuries late for with the notice, but it was a gradual process.. and hey, they grew on me. 
Alright Ladies, for the past year plus, i couldn't help noticing the cage skirt.
At first, i thought they looked terrible, and wasn't the biggest fan, but i have come to love them soon as they're fading out of fashion. Typical me.

Anyways, from the 1880z onwards, women added a 'cage' as such under their dresses to get a va-va-va-vooom. It didn't look too becoming on them, but hey, no one but their hussly husbands would see them, right?

Exactly. So for them it was no problem.. 
But they've made a comeback. In an outside & more boofy form.
Raunchy ladies started to wear them "outside" their skirts. How risq-uéz!! 

sourced from fabsugar

Any style guruz like susie aka style bubble have long gone commented on them...


Norweigan Wood joined the party creating her own caged skirt, which i must say, is RATHER gorgeous.. especially the image on the right, and the silver leggings, WAHH!!

Heck, whilst i'm with the cages, why don't i just wear caged boots too...

But in all seriousness, pretty sure i am going online to see the selection on cage skirts, an i'm goin to buy one right now!!

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jeudi 14 mai 2009
So I guess i thought it was time for some Language-learning, blog style.

Question of the Day: Does anyone know how to say "Good Luck" or the equivalent in any languages? I know in English the phrase "break a leg" is ACTUALLY a good thing, crazy, i know, right?

Anyway, I absolutely luuh' languages, but actually being good at them is another thing, hey?

Ps. Sorry, i thought it was necessary to have a short post after all these long posts.. and plus, I'm getting a camera tripod on saturday *woo* so i can totes impress you allz with my outfits right?

sick dawg.

over and out. x

Ps. I absolutely luhhh' my new dunks!
Check em out...

I'm in love.

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mardi 12 mai 2009
Retro Gaming
So, Ladies, today I'm going to let you in on a little secret and tell you how to get 'in' with a man.

It's simple. ready?

Know a bit about gaming and computers. Most of the time, men have a hidden obsession about computers.. either that, or they're totally clueless, and in either case, they will be impressed you know something about computers.``Sigh of relief. There. I didn't think i'd be able to get through that secret without making my hands all clammy or running away with the computer.

Whether they choose to deny it or not, they all love computer games. All the time. That's why they're so terrible to talk to on MSN.. or the equivalent depending on what country you're in (AOL, ICQ.. etc etc...)
To them, it's called "LANNING". When i first heard it i thought.. hmm.. LAN.. that must mean 'losers and nigels' but no.. it means Local Area Network.. CRAZY! I knowz. They hook up their computers together and have a super crazy knock out of game playing.. OR.. with the hip-haps of technology these days, they simply just LAN over the internet..

Retro Gaming is in Girls.

Here's a bit of a backstory about Nintendo, the creatorz of today's Wii, and yesterday's now, retro games.
Nintendo founded in 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi, was Nintendo Koppai. Based in Kyoto, Nintendo's original product was hanafuda cards.
The cards gained popularity and Yamauchi soon had to hire assistants to keep up with demand. After Yamauchi retired, his son-in-law, Sekiryo Yamauchi, took over. He continued to run the company until 1949.

I love reading about Nintendo, as it is not only a pinnicle of gaming design,
but is a Japanese Company, and I am quite fond of Japanese Language and culture.

Here's a small timeline of their pre-technoz era.

The Colour Game Tv.
[How Ridiculously old school is this!]

The Nes Control
[See Below re: Mouse Vomit]
...& The Nes

The Famicon

Designs by Shigeru Miyamoto
He's still a gun at 54, heading the design Team for the Nintendo Wii

Anyway, what got me started on this in the first place, is a design from Mousevomit
which i thought brought out various aspects of the Nes quite well. Check him out, he also does photography and illustration.

The other reason that i brought up retro-gaming is that this morning i popped into class, and being a floater between second and third year at uni, i have little friends in my classes.. Mostly third years that took a year off last year, or are doing a double degree like myself.
Well.. that categorises my two friends who do this morning's subject, and with both of them not turning up today, I was in a pickle..

But wait! What's that?
There was a guy sitting there playing a Nintendo DS, and with the research i'd done for this post as well as the broad general knowledge i have for lanning, [ i'd started it yesterday and am actually finally posting on Wednesday night]... I could easily strike up a conversation.

That's right ladies. You do the talking.

... Don't get me wrong, there are only 15 people in our class as it is a design school, but being in this class for 10 weeks, i probably should have 'made friends' as such with more than 2 people in my class, but hey, i've always been known to be a late bloomer. BOOM.

``Anyway, we got onto the topic of retro gaming, and it turns out that he was totes into it. *BING
``He also was kinda kute with a k. *BING
``He was impressed at my knowledge of retro gaming. *BING
``He then proceeded to show me what game he was playing (A dolled-up version of Space Invaders. Does anyone remember that? Well I do. semi. But pretended to know more so for the aim of befriending someone. *BING
``He offered me to play a 'stage' for him. That's just a level.. or 'have a go'
Note: *BIG STEP FOR LANNERZ as they take a lot of pride in their games, and they being good at them. I guess by letting me havea go, he brought his average down by about 10 points, but hey, i'm a girl. Gimme some Slack.

..I had a friend for the rest of the class, and i even got a name. N---. *BING

total points from me: enough

So, I guess the moral to the story, or at least from that one scenario i have to prove to you, Retro gaming is totes in. I promise i'm not generalising.
Vague Much?

but no seriously, check it out. The design was so classy, and being japanese, it was ahead of time compared to any other company around at that stage.

So remember,
*Blogging is awesome

Alright. You're ready. You go get'em galz.

Sorry the post is so long! Granny is Angry and unimpressed.

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