je suis un bébé requin,
and this is a photo journal of a previous life.
lundi 31 octobre 2011
Chilling down in Strasbourg
It is getting cold in Strasbourg, but there is still time to mount the cathedrale... tried out a little tilt-shift photography.

Got the tutorial here!
vendredi 28 octobre 2011

Welcome to Sushi night at Tumble in the Sea. The other week, Blondie left so we celebrated. --How do you have a sushi night you ask? Simple! Follow the instructions below and you you will have a baller of a time.

1.Call your Friends and Entice with sushi, into being your slaves for the night... and voilà! Your sushi Creations will be made easily and effectively.

2. Create sushi masterpieces with desired ingredients.

3. Let them sit for a few hours to properly form.

4.Cut them into bite sized pieces.

It's all about presentation presentation presentation.

... but don't eat them too soon!

... and enjoy with friends!

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jeudi 27 octobre 2011
¡ Yo tengo cuatro canguros en mi casa !
Dear Yann,

I haven't thought about you for quite awhile... But this morning I put our song on again, in an aeroplane over the sea, and those shivers came over me all over again. I miss you today, and it's nearly 7 months since you decided to leave me.

But just because i don't think of you as much, doesn't mean i love you any less. I am just letting you know.

Yours Truly.


Just before the holidays, a great friend of ours parted for the land of Poland... And with that, after a soirée one evening, we invited everyyyone back to our apartment for a last horrah... We do have problems with the neighbours, but Marou doesn't go to poland just every day... i'm not going to point out that we did have about 50 going away parties for him though...

Anyway,this photo was when a few of the boys were in our kitchen.

How to pick out a french man in a pack..

1. Wearing a Leather Jacket.
2. Unshaven. I call it the 2day beard... Even when they shave, they leave a bit of stubble. who knows why. I've learnt not to ask questions
3. ruffled hair
4. They speak french.

ANYWAY! The holidays have loomed upon us yet again, and way too quickly. I would like to day it is 'finally' holiday time, yet with the holidays, exam time gets closer and closer...
These holidays i am hanging out at Disneyland, Paris... despite its name, suggesting that it's in Paris, it really is in Marne-le-vallée, about a 45min RER (fast train) ride from the hub of Paris.

I was working there during the summer period too through the month of august, and half way into september, so i came back for a second round. Yesterday walking into the cafeteria, I was overwhelmed with the ridiculous amount of Halloween decorations salle seemed to be sporting. Pumpkins, spiders and fancy cellophane everywhere. I'd just like to point out, with all ze job cuts disney seems to be making, they could go a little less orange... there's no need to celebrate halloween in that way, really guys, really?

Anyway, on the note of food, I'm semi not complaining, seeing as disney discounts the food, that is, they pay for half of the food in all the employee restaurants and vending machines... so we only pay half price in the cafeteria etc... How am i NOT supposed to think about food when it is screaming *eat me. i'm a packet of chips, and only 48 eurocents!* you're right. it's just too difficult.. so i found some dogs to explain the way i feel about halloween.

dogs found here

Oh well, despite everything, It's finally the holidays, happy halloween!

P.s You might realise what great spanish i speak. I decided to 'regularly' meet up with a spaniard called Sergio who promises to teach me a few things about spain. Including being able to say that i have 4 kangaroos at my house.. Who knows, one day it might just come in useful.

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