je suis un bébé requin,
and this is a photo journal of a previous life.
vendredi 25 septembre 2009
Winter is leaving.. and so am i
So, you might think it's crazy, but down south, the winter is just leaving.. which meant that i no longer need jumpers, cardigans or stockings! Quelle dommage!
Anyway, it's ok. I'm thinking of things i can pack in my bag for next year..
which means i am going to be spending next year in france.. which means Europe here we come! As long as i pass all my subjects this semester, as of January 2010, i will be en Europe..
16 hours across the sea.
Heaps Psyched.
So i thought i should celebrate..
Pour a glass of bubbly ladies, it's that time of year!
Anyway, i have been heaps n00b lately, and thought it was time to post another outfit wear. I went down the coast in the holidays with a group from uni, and these photos are in the church we were staying at...
Jumper: Sarah Bovis.
Stockings: Myer, pattern.
Scarf: Seibu, Japan.
T-Shirt: Mum's Closet
Shoes: Annapelle
PS. Does anyone like Lolita? It's one of my favourite books, and i just found a bookcover competition for it.. you pretty much just have to redesign the cover.. they've had some bombs over the years, so now would be the time to show what lolita's all about!
If you're a designer too, get on in there.. although there are only a few more days to go, so get that creativity out. Click here for the link!
have a wonderful weekend! x

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mardi 22 septembre 2009
My world's turned orange.

It's 6:33am here.
It's a wednesday.
The only thing that is different in Sydney is well.. the colour of the sky.
Our suburb's turned orange, and i'm not sure it's a good thing.

I'm not lying. Our town's gone poco-loco...
You can tell you very different me and my brother are. He woke me up about a 1/2 hr ago, to show me the sky.. and i thought wow, my first instinct was to document it.. i really do love photography.. yet he left, walked back to his room and came about about 2 minutes later commenting that the bureau or meteorology didn't have anything about the orange sky on their website.. i thought it was sort of nerdy.

Any sane person (clearly neither of s are sane, especially at 6:30 in the morning..) would have said oh, that's nice.. and gone back to bed.. yet i am here blogging about it. commitment i tells you.

Some (my parents) are saying it's a dust storm.. and they might just be right.. i mean.. my window was opened all night, and now all i can smell is dust, great huh.

here's a real journalist's cover of the matter.. and here are some photos too.. hopefully tonight, i will have a video of the weather, able to show everyone when it started getting orange down here..

Perhaps it's the day of destruction...
although i shouldn't joke about things like that, but that's seriously what i thought when i woke up.

Hope you're all having a more swell time than here.. suffocating in a dust storm..
sorry this is no fashion post, but i just HAD to tell you.. couldn't leave you in the dark..


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lundi 21 septembre 2009
Moments on your mind forever
She's back in town ladies. Let's Celebrate
Wishing, waiting. I cannot keep hanging out for that day.

21. The bicentenary Year.
Stuffing our round faces with cake, snaps, heels, and legs.
That's what 21 is all about.
She's back from the dead, holidays are here again,
these things we only dream about.

Pour me a drink from the coffee pot.

Clean up, my man is coming.

Why can't i run away from you fast enough

On a sidenote: Sorry i have been out of the sphere for two months without word. How are you? I guess it comes down to education. It's draining me, but i'm back!

... I actually got in trouble from a friend for taking photos of her house.. I think she must just be going through that time of the month.. That's when i thought, it's great to have a blog. Then the whole blogosphere can see it, and nobody will know..

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