je suis un bébé requin,
and this is a photo journal of a previous life.
dimanche 3 janvier 2016
Your respect won't break his heart, but your words will
Dear Heart Breaker,

This is probably the first letter I write to you, but it may not be the last. I don't know you and your deepest most utmost private thoughts personally - yet I feel I know you and your scantish nature already.

I know that you're loved by someone very dearly. I know that they weep for you, and seem unable to get you our of their mind. For each tear that they shed for you, one also falls from my face, as I know how it feels to love another, and to have your emotions thrown around like a play toy.

For I  too, have spent nights awake thinking of another, and long days whispering their name.

I have heard how you have abused his love, misjudged how strong love can be. The more he unravels of this story, the more my vision blurs, as tears come to my eyes. My sadness for him grows, as I understand the pain, the torment you've caused, the lies, the deceit. I too understand more and more how he tosses and turns, unable to sleep because of you.

I pray that you haven't gone too far, that there is still a way back for you, but perhaps you've gone one step too far this time.

Don't love him for his hair, as it will one day no longer be there.
Don't fall in love with him because of his height, as one day he may schrivel.
Fall in love with him because of his good nature.
Fall in love with him with him because of his humour, and Fall in love with him because of his genuine personality, for these things, you can find in no other.

I say this knowing it may be too late for you. Perhaps you have trailed too far off the path, and he isn't willing to run after you this last time. For all that he has done for you, you don't deserve him, yet who am I to judge. Don't break his heart another time girl. You're not worth it.

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