je suis un bébé requin,
and this is a photo journal of a previous life.
dimanche 20 février 2011
Broken heart.
Ode to the faceless man that i met.


Now that you have gone, things arent the same.

Now that you have gone, all hell has broken loose.

Now that you have gone, a piece of my heart has fallen with you.

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samedi 19 février 2011
La Bresse
A few weekends ago, i decided to go to La Bresse with my youth group from Trinity Church! I found it a 'little weird that the youth group was open to people that had already finished school, as at home in Sydney, i am a youth group leader, rather than a participant in youth group.

Anyway, after much contemplation, i finally decided to go on the Church weekend away, rather than to amsterdam, decision made!

And let me tell you, it was definitely one of the best choices i have made this year (not that that is hard, only being 1.5 months into 2011.

Happy Valentines By the way.

link found here.

anyway, back to the story. I had a ridiculous amount of fun, and got to spend time with God, something i felt like i have genuinel lacked since coming to Stras about a year ago now. We were doing a lot of singing, eating and even got to fit some skiing in too! It was ridiculously hilarious watching so many n00b skiiers attempting to get down the slope, and all in all was a weekend greatly appreciated by all.

I met peeps that i usually wouldn't have, and have since, followed up with some people, namely Yanou and Davidou.

I must say, i didnt realise that God really does work in mysterious ways. We were all going through tough periods in life, and he seemed to bring us together. I felt like the whole of last semester, i was out at least 5 times a week, partying and getting nowhere in life. I feel like i am actually getting somewhere at the moment.

In the past few weeks, i have spent so much time with Yanou (her blog found here) and Davidou, and i feel like we are definitely having some good fellowship. We have started morning breakfast/prayer sessions, no one of which, we have all been on time to. Once at Yan's house, they have now gradually moved into my house, which is great, seeing as i dont have to move far from my bed to the kitchen for breakfast, yahoo!

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jeudi 3 février 2011
To Amsterdam or not to Amsterdam... Skiing??
Biggest. Dilemma. Of. My. Month.

Now i know that many of you are stressing and all, but i am currently stressing about whether to go to amsterdam with my school this weekend, or a weekend away with my bible study. there are so many pros and cons to do with these things, but i guess after this weekend, i will let you know the outcome afterwards! I think they would both be good...

In other news, i am now one happy Aunty!!! My nephew, Jonathan Allan was born the 13th January 2011 in London, UK. My brother and his wife have been looking after him non stop for the past few weeks, it is a tough life being new parents. For more info, here is my brother's blog, click me!

Here are some absolutely adorable shots of Jonathan!!

shot 1.

shot 2.

shot 3.

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