je suis un bébé requin,
and this is a photo journal of a previous life.
mercredi 24 juin 2009
Wedding Bonanza
oh hai gaiz,
so i am supposed to make a wedding invitation for a friend.. or a friend's sister. 

Our conversation the other day went something like this:

friend:    Oh hey, can you make me a wedding invitation?
myself: sure (I was clearly joking) *Note: At uni, i learn how to make tables and chairs.. and desks.. so it's not really my niché market as some would say
friend:  great. that's what you do right?
myself: Not really, i do product design.
friend: That's still design. *shrugs* You'll be fine.
myself thinking: that's like asking a plumber to fix a light!

Note: I am freaking out of my purple pants trying to do this.

so here were two mock-ups i did.. I thought it'd be nice, seeing as here at blogger we're all so close to each other, to take you on a journey, now that we've been bffs for the past few months. that's right. you there reading this now.

they look better here if you want to go looksie.

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lundi 22 juin 2009
Circus freaks united.



Sometimes i pretend to be someone else

But in the End we're all still freaks.


Maybe you can turn it into a magic trick.

Endless attempts at change.

will never stop.
Black/Blue Boa
New Buy: Black and White Striped Stockings
Blue tutu
Black Head dress
SIREN Dangerous Heels
Lace Upper Corset

So it was a friend's CIRCUS FREAK birthday on Saturday, so that's how my evening went about. How was all of yours? Share it with that someone special?

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mercredi 17 juin 2009
The time has come.
I said i loved you, I'm not sure i did. I must have though.

I've tried everything to keep my distance.

But those lips.

Look me in the eyes and this time, do not lie. Not again. Don't dare.

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lundi 15 juin 2009
Queensland, your face is clearly a façade.

80's hallways at the hotel.

I had the option of the fold out couch...

or to share the king with my dad. I chose the king. Is that strange?

Hallway lighting.

Hip by the pool.

The beach

getting ready for dinner

buffet desserts impress

The day in the life of Queensland.

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I'm trying to make a new layout, but it's just not working. I feel like i'm 12 again.
dimanche 14 juin 2009
merci beaucoup girls
Thanks to Naka from Naka's net and Willow and Daria from Pigtails and Blushing Cheeks for this... cute blog award. shucks guyz.

10 people to pass it on to.. wow. you've pretty much stolen everyone i know, so.. can i pass it back onto other people?

The Rules are:
1. Each blogger must post these rules
2. Each Blogger starts with 10 random facts/habits about themselves
3. If tagged, you must re-post and post the rules
4. Don't forget to leave a comment and tell them why they've been tagged.

10 random facts

1. I can never match socks for the life of me. The day i don't wear odd socks will be the day...

2.i like cheese and cake, but not cheese cake.

3.i have more than 100 hair ties next to my bed. each night i take one off, put it next to much bed, and the pile just keeps mounting. one day i'll make an artwork out of them.

4. although i am asian by decent, i am unable to use a rice cooker, am terrible with the language and hate chicken feet.. but do enjoy using chopsticks, talking fast and chinese new year.. so.. i can be thrown into a semi-generalised category.

5. i'm terrible at trivia. i can remember random facts, but when push comes to shove and the pressure is on, i cave. big time.

6.i have eaten macdonald's chips and their soft serve. together. admittedly it was quite nice. and yes. i would do it again.

7. A boy once told me chocolate wasn't good for dogs but they could have his milk. from that day onwards, i have fed my dog a bowl of milk each morning to avoid the little boy getting angry.

8. my bedside clocks are never on time. i have at least 3. I try to set them fast so that i can get to places on time. or wake up earlier than i plan to. it has never worked. I have done it for 5 years and counting. maybe this will be my lucky year. at the moment they are 7 minutes, 12 minutes and 3 minutes fast.

9. i started blogging less than a month ago, contradictory to what my profile says. I thought blogging was a form of walking at one stage in my life, apparently not. if this is walking, then this is the best darn exercise i have done in a long time.

10.i'm christian.

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samedi 13 juin 2009
If Only..

So it seems that the weather here is getting warmer, yet not warm enough to laze by the pool... If only it was hot enough to have the ice-cream truck melt..

Well it seems that to bide my time here, seeing as it is so cold outside, (and i have overspent like crazy.. i have to resort to playing Dr Mario online. Crazy, i know, but it is such a wonderful game. I have never been much of a gamer myself, but now that I have rekindled my childhood love with Dr Mario.. (his moustache, his DR title...) I am not sure what will happen.. Maybe in a few months you'll find me huddled in a corner...


Total expenditure so far:

Sale 3 x Cotton On thin skivvies [charcoal, black grey]

Sale Siren Dramatic Heelz. ; $200 reduced to $99

Sale Minkpink  leggings ; $50 reduced to $29

Evil Twin high waisted skirt

Minkpink Pants

Kookaï pirate scarf

Babooshka Doll Necklace

Witchery knitted Cardigan

Sale Witchery airy top ; $120 reduced to $50

Sale Witchery bowed cardigan ; $130 reduced to $70

total price: Way over budget.

Oh well, the sun had reappeared, and i have been told the pool is heated, I am going to try it!

... and re-pack my bag for the trip back. (my dad convinced me that i would be able to fit everything into a carry on bag on the way here.. I shouldnt have listened. there is no way i am going to be able to re-pack everything on the way back.

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vendredi 12 juin 2009
They said it would be warm, they lied.
So it's a friday, a gorgeous friday, and I have been sent to Queensland with my dad. Why? Probably because my mother can't take anymore of me. No, i lie.. Wellll, i'm not so sure myself. But the other night my mumbled something about going to a conference and i mentioned that I would be off uni, so he said, "well in that case, I will book you a ticket too"

WHEEEE!!! So off we've gone. We're staying in the Sheraton, Noosa, and this morning he and i both went out to the outdoor heated pool.. 7am. I was keen. Yet not so keen when i felt the temperature. It felt like ice! We both bailed and got room service breakfast, another plus.

The only problem is the weather. I packed for summer. Queensland is known for their heat. Whether summer or winter, it's supposed to be hot! Well, with this in mind i packed light. Literally. 9kgs inc. laptop. I thought that was impressive, guys?

So apon arrival, i realised it was quite the opposite. 9degrees-16degrees. all weekend. I guess this calls for a little shopping.
I've already checked out the town, and found some nice buys at a few small shops, as well as witchery and kookai.. all of which i admittedly bought thins at I'm sorry! I'm sorry, i just can't help it!

I am going to check out what else the town has, report back later. Photos and all.

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lundi 8 juin 2009
Happy Queen's Birthday

So today, it was a queen's birthday. That's right- A queen. Not thee queen, residing in Today's England, but another queen from history... I'm not sure why they dont change her birthday on the calendar every time a new one comes into place.  I guess it's a burden having to change the calendar every so often for it, as well as the confusing-ness of it all. alright, touché. You win government. Keep the Queen's birthday. I didn't want it changed anyway. ``humph.
Anyway, due to it being an important figure's birthday, and therefore being a public holiday (so why isn't my birthday a holiday you're asking furiously, i know, i was asking myself the same thing...) it was that time of month again to head to the MCA for the Yayoi Kusama exhibit.. It finished today, so what better day to go, right? anyway, it was special, seeing as i had to head into the city. Anything more than 20 minutes away is considered a special occasion, so you can imagine, that's a whole lot of special occasions. 

here's my outfit for it..

Stockings`The Local
Shoes` Seattle Markets
Jacket` Vintage
necklace`handmade from Japanese 100yen store cupcake and laser-cut piece from friend.

and the laydee herself..
I actually think she's a bit creepy myself, but her works are amazing. They capture things with such detail, and she has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder so her pieces are all ... mindblowing.. Although when we went, one sentence on the walls read " No artists have ever Influenced me" now personally, i dont know how this could be, seeing as nothing is ever original, just borrowed.

Anyway, here are some of the shots from today..

Outside Central Station on the train.

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