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mardi 20 juillet 2010
Fit for a Queen
BOG from Croatia!

Zadar & Dubrovnik

After being here about a week or so, i've just gotta say one thing, it sure is hot in Croatia! I didn't think that it was possible to swelter and shrivel anywhere in the heat, apart from Australia... boy was i wrong.

At the moment i'm staying at the Apartment Batala, Dubrovnik, which once was a Spanish Contessa's house, right on the water. It's 500 years old, and i am surprised that it is in such good condition! Right on the harbour, initially from photos, i thought that we would get our own lawn space, but unfortunately there is a road there.

With free internet, washing facilities, and an air conditioner and personal room, for only 30 euros a night, I am highly impressed.

There's a view of the harbour, and fishermen hangin' out on their boats doing their thing all day, which is quite nice...

And tracking futher back in my travels..

We stayed at Old Town Hostel in Zadar, and i must say, the two places i've been staying at in Croatia, are quite clean.

Things I noticed in Croatia Zadar
*Everyone is married with kids; no matter whether they're 19 or 50, there are just so many kids running around the streets, and strollers being pushed around by fathers in Zadar. I was so surprised!
*There is a strong Italian influence on food.. Everywhere we passed was either a Pizza store, or Gelatissimo. Croatians love their food

Must Do'z in Zadar
*Visit the Sea Organ. At first when we visited it, I thought it was a bunch of passenger ships that continuously honked their horns at either other, but upon further reading, we found out that it was en fait, a Sea Organ. The world's first organ, with sounds made from waves from the sea. Pre-tty cool. MUST check out.
*Wake up at 6am, and go for a run around the Old City. It really is refreshing, as it is cool earlier in the morning, and there's no one around.
*Take a splash on the pier. coming from Sydney, I was surprised when the hostel-helper mentioned that we should have a swim in the sea, by the pier. I asked if it was clean, and she said i should go check it out myself-- well i did, and may i just say, it's one of the cleanest ports i've ever seen. It sure does come close to Greece.

Zadar Dontz
Whatever you do, DONT catch a bus from Zadar to Dubrovnik. Catch a ferry if you will, even hire a car, but the 8.5hr bus ride really aint worth it fellaz. What started out as an adventure, turned into Bus sickness with subtle whiffs of B.O every hour or so.
At the same time, if you want to go from Zadar to Dubrovnik, it IS one of the only ways, and the cheapest by far. Paying 150KN (divide it by 7, so about 25-30 Euros) for the trip, which takes you along the coastal route. Book about a week in advance, although the only way you can do it is at the local bus station. There are about 7 routes a day, (11:35am is the cheapest and gets you to the D at about 8pm...)
I think the most entertaining part of the trip was the bus driver, who pumped up old Croatian tunez, and sung them all the way from Zadar to D. It was heaps cool, and by the end of the trip, even us non-speaking croatians had picked up a few words.

I'll post more soon, out to enjoy the beaches dubrovnik has to offer! x

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