je suis un bébé requin,
and this is a photo journal of a previous life.
lundi 2 décembre 2013
Realisations, Anxiety and Emails

I received an email from S today.

I had mentioned things not working out with M and she shed some light on the situation...

"Break ups are unnatural; we were never meant to form a bond and then have it break for whatever reason. It's in the breaks that you realize how deep things went. It sounds like M was cut and dry with yours, that is that he couldn't see a future so he's letting you and he move on to find someone with whom you can make a future. Do you feel like you ever opened up to him or he you?

Insights like these can hurt, but tend to be more true than someone in the situation could ever see. It was a tough realisation, but well needed. She said it clear, she said it blunt.

// Our first date was to the International Kite Festival. As we walked to the festival, M had said that there were so many kites that it would be difficult to see the sky. As we got closer, we realised the small flickering lights in the sky were kites, and that there were only six of them. It seems international doesn't necessarily match with numerous.

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