je suis un bébé requin,
and this is a photo journal of a previous life.
mardi 12 janvier 2010
Les Lettres.
So I have been looking around at various cool Fonts this week to try something new in drawing. Unfortunately i forgot to bring my sketch book to France, so i am going to need to go into the city and buy one . 

(Here, foam is being cut out to hand-sized proportions to make a font, amazing, what people are creating these days.. ain't it?)

Uni is starting tomorrow, and neither me or my housemate Sarah have spoken any french.. We think we'r going to move into houses with french peoples, which should be just a lil' bit fun. *YAHOOO!*

We're at uni at the moment waiting to log onto our accounts at exactly 12 so that we can get the classes we want. It is seriously a bear fight to ensure that you get the classes you're applying for here. well, to them i say LET THE FIGHT BEGIN! We're ready with our macs.  We're trying to get classes for wednesday and thursday so it's a two day week.. TRAVEL EUROPE HERE WE COME.


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samedi 9 janvier 2010
les idees pour notre mur?

At the moment we have moved into our house and have completey blank walls. Any ideas what to put in there??
I was thinking a clock to put in the blank space here, although we dont have much money, so we are going to find osme cheap things at Ikea on Monday, as well as going to the meubles d'occasion markets.. and some second hand stores. should be exciting.. what, renovating a house and all. i can't wait!

Other suggestions? Such a blank space.

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mercredi 6 janvier 2010
bathroom antics
I'll be your pikachu if you be my doremon.

i miss japan already. My sister bought these suits. In Strasbourg, having beaucoup de fun! Went shopping for necessities today and came back with a pair of boots, makeup remover and a plant. Verrry essential.

I was actually looking for a bag for uni, a bike to ride around the town and some blue-tac. 

Kathryn 0, Strasbourg shopping village 3.

Orientation is tomorrow, shall be interesting parlaying the francais all day!


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