je suis un bébé requin,
and this is a photo journal of a previous life.
jeudi 1 mars 2012
The stump; what was a living, thriving tree.
To my great friend yanou, i wrote today "Oh yanou, i just feel like my life has been ripped out from underneath me. I am going home to a place i dont want to... I have a life there, but i have been gone for so long that it is no longer mine."

Currently at Hong Kong airport waiting fo my flight to Sydney, my body is being taken over with mixed emotions. I love my parents so much, and they care for me more than i could ever imagine, that i dont want to dissapoint them. I want to go home because i know it will make them happy. But as i write these words, tears are slowly and quietly running down my cheeks, because i know that what i am going back to, is a life that is no longer mine.

The roots that i have grown are being unsettled, uprooted.

The ground around me is shaking, and the Loggers have come to see the best part to saw away at me. I know they will leave my bare stump, naked in the forest, and with the wood that they collect, there will be enough to carve a beautiful table. I will be sold to a family; rich, middle upper class, as a dining area to entertain friends, but that isn't where i want to be. I want to be in the forest with my friends. Quietly settled scattered among my other shrubby friends.

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